Advanced CFML Concepts

Here we document some of the advance concepts

Background Queries

You can push some queries to the background instead of waiting for them to complete in a web request


See how easy it is to work with the popular NoSQL MongoDB database with your CFML applications


OpenBD has some advanced features for cookie handling

Embedded Java

Did you know you can drop complete blocks of raw Java code/functions straight into your CFML pages.

CFML Manipulation

You can manipulate CFML pages from within CFML. OpenBD provide helper functions/techniques for this.


OpenBD comes with an advanced embedded search engine that can be used to index data, files and websites.

Web Services

An overview of how easy it is to utilise web services with OpenBD CFML.


You can easily create hosted RESTlet services for Javascript applications or other servers to consume.


JSONP is a technique for Javascript applications to easily consume web services without breaking the browsers security.

SOAP - Producing

You can produce SOAP endpoints for your CFC's advertising their properties via WSDL.

SOAP - Consuming

You can consume SOAP endpoints via their WSDL within your applications.

Amazon S3

Discover how to work with Amazon's popular S3 cloud file storage.

Amazon SimpleDB

See how you can work with Amazon's SimpleDB key/value cloud database.

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queuing Server lets you send and consume messages.