Basic CFML

We've collected some primer documents for you to get to grips with the basics of CFML.

Getting Started

If you are completely new to CFML then this is page will get you started very quickly showing you the basics of the language and how it is constructed

Using Variables

Discover how wonderfully rich and simple variables are to use in CFML

Variable Scopes

CFML has special language name spaces that let you get quickly at various types of data.

Data Operators

While CFML is a typeless language, that does not mean you can't use standard operators on them. This overviews them all.


CFSCRIPT is a powerful server side scripting language, not dissimilar to Javascript, that lets you code without using tags.

CFML Objects

CFML has a very power object model, that come in the form of CFC's. Learn how to harness this power with little effort.

CFML Application

CFML can arrange your web apps in a special concept called an 'Application'. These are powerful and can save you a lot of hassle.


The Application.cfm concept is the template based version of the 'Application' that gets rendered before any other template.


The Application.cfc is the more popular object orientated approach to handling applications, with callback methods on each type of event that happens.


This is a special template that gets rendered on the end of each request.


This template lets you hook into the startup of the server, initializing various settings that need to be done before you start servicing requests.