Bootstrap CFML Application

Getting started is sometimes the hardest thing you can do. That first step always seems to be the biggest. It needn't be that way. Let us help.

We've pulled together a very simple 'structure' that you can use to get started with an application that simply authenticates users. There is a public section and a secure section. You can't get to the secure section unless you are logged in. Easy eh?

We have all the CFML code laid out in a clean, documentated and easy to read manner so you can understand exactly what happens at each stage. This uses the well known Application.cfc concepts to achieve this.

You can try it for yourself here by visiting the link below, or download the .ZIP file and get up and running yourself. Feel free to use this as your basis for your own CFML applications.

visit the bootstrap app

download bootstrap app

Bootstrap CFML Snippets

The following is collection of small snippets of CFML code that shows some techniques that are often used.