CFML Functions

amazon Category functions

Function Name Description
AmazonRegisterdatasource Amazon Datasource: Registers a datasource for use with the Amazon functions and tags. If you are working with a specific region, then you have to specify which one you are going to be using
AmazonRemovedatasource Amazon Datasource: Removes a previously registered datasource
AmazonS3delete Amazon S3: Deletes the remote file
AmazonS3getinfo Amazon S3: Returns back a structure detailing all the headers from a given remote object
AmazonS3geturl Amazon S3: Returns back a signed URL that gives people public access to a given file, with an optional expiration date
AmazonS3list Amazon S3: Returns all the keys for this bucket as a query with the fields 'key', 'size', 'modified' and 'etag'. Any key returning a slash (/) at the end is considered a subprefix (or directory) of the current prefix.
AmazonS3listbuckets Amazon S3: Returns all the buckets for this account
AmazonS3read Amazon S3: Reads the remote file sitting on S3 copying to the local file system or reading the file into memory and returning its content
AmazonS3rename Amazon S3: Rename the remote file
AmazonS3setacl Amazon S3: Sets the ACL on the given object
AmazonS3write Amazon S3: Copies the local file up to Amazon S3
AmazonSimpledbcreatedomain Amazon SimpleDB: Creates a new SimpleDB domain for storing data
AmazonSimpledbdeleteattribute Amazon SimpleDB: Deletes the attribute (and optional value) from the ItemName inside the domain
AmazonSimpledbdeletedomain Amazon SimpleDB: Deletes a SimpleDB domain, removing all data immediately
AmazonSimpledbgetattributes Amazon SimpleDB: Gets all the attributes for the given domain and ItemName
AmazonSimpledblistdomains Amazon SimpleDB: Lists all the domains within this datasource
AmazonSimpledbsetattribute Amazon SimpleDB: Sets the attribute (and optional value) to the ItemName inside the domain
AmazonSimpledbsetstruct Amazon SimpleDB: Sets all the attributes in data to the ItemName in domain
AmazonSqsaddpermission Amazon SQS: Adds the given permission to the queue within the account
AmazonSqschangemessagevisibility Amazon SQS: Changes the visibility of the given message by the value given
AmazonSqscreatequeue Amazon SQS: Creates a new Amazon SQS queue, with the default visibility. Returns the Queue URL
AmazonSqsdeletemessage Amazon SQS: Deletes the message on the queue
AmazonSqsdeletequeue Amazon SQS: Deletes the queue
AmazonSqsgetattributes Amazon SQS: Gets the attributes for the given queue url
AmazonSqslistqueues Amazon SQS: Returns all the queues for this account
AmazonSqsreceivemessage Amazon SQS: Returns the messages available for processing sitting in teh queue
AmazonSqsremovepermission Amazon SQS: Removes the given label permission from the queue
AmazonSqssendmessage Amazon SQS: Adds the given message to the queue