CFML Functions

cache Category functions

Function Name Description
CacheGet Returns the data addressed by the id; returns a null if the object does not exist (use IsNull() to test)
CacheGetmetadata Returns the meta-data runtime data for this cache type
CacheGetproperties Returns the properties for this cache type
CacheIdexists Determines if the object is in the cache
CachePut Places the object into the cache
CacheRegionexists Determines if the region exists
CacheRegiongetall Returns all the active regions (including internal ones)
CacheRegionnew Create a new region for caching
CacheRegionremove Removes the region. This merely deletes the cache reference. No data held in the cache will be purged
CacheRemove Removes one or more keys
CacheRemoveall Removes all the data in the cache
CacheSetproperties Changes the properties of the cache engine if the underlying implementation supports it