CFML Functions

engine Category functions

Function Name Description
Flush flushes the content of the buffer out to the end client. Once you have flushed you won't be able to set cookies or HTTP headers
GetBytessent Returns the number of bytes sent to the client request at this point
GetComponentmetadata Returns back meta information for a component
GetEncoding Returns back the character encoding of the scope specified
GetEnginefunctioncategories Returns back an array of all the function categories
GetEnginefunctioninfo For the given core function name, returns back the metadata (summary, category, returntype, param array, min and max params, namedparamsupport, namedparams)
GetEnginetagcategories Returns back an array of all the tag categories
GetEnginetaginfo For the given core TAG name, returns back the metadata (summary, category, attrubute array of structs)
GetFunctionlist Returns all the currently registered functions
GetHttprequestdata Returns back a structure describing the current request; method, protocol, content, headers
GetMetadata Returns back meta information depending on the object passed in
GetPagecontext Returns the current underlying Java request context object
GetProfilesections Returns the sections within the INI file as a structure
GetProfilestring Returns given property within the INI file given
GetSupportedfunctions Returns back all the core functions, optionally filtered on the given category
GetSupportedtags Returns back all the core tags, optionally filtered on the given category
GetTickcount Returns the number of milliseconds since the start of the application server
GetTimezoneinfo Returns back a structure regarding the current timezone; utctotaloffset, utchouroffset, utcminuteoffset, isdston
JmxGetmbeanattributes Returns back the structure of information of all the elements at the given JMX domain of the JMX type
JmxGetmbeans Returns back all the beans/types for the JMX domain specified
MappingAdd Creates a new mapping for CFML/CFC resources. You must specify either directory or archive, but not both
MappingCreatearchive Creates an OpenBD archive for use with the mappings
Render Interprets the string passed in as a CFML block and returns the resulting block. Similar to what CFINCLUDE would do
SetEncoding Sets the encoding of the given scope with the encoding type
SetProfilestring Sets the given property/value within the INI file given
Sleep pauses the current request for the amount of time specified (in milliseconds)
SystemReloadconfig Triggers a reload of the main bluedragon.xml configuration file