CFML Functions

network Category functions

Function Name Description
GetHttpstatuslabel For the given HTTP Status Code returns the standard status message
IpAsinteger Returns the IP address as an integer
IpBroadcastmask Returns the broadcast address of this IP range
IpCount Returns the number of IP addresses represented in this range
IpGethighaddress Returns the upper IP address of this range
IpGetlowaddress Returns the lower IP address of this range
IpGetmxrecords Returns the MX (mail exchange) hosts for the supplied domain
IpInrange Determines if the checked IP address is in the IP address range
IpNetworkaddress Returns the network address of this range
IpResolvedomain Returns the IP address(s) of the supplied domain
IpReverselookup Performs a reverse IP lookup to determine the domain
IpTocidr Returns the CIDR version of this IP range
Location Redirects the main request to the location given