CFML Functions

query Category functions

Function Name Description
Csvread Reads a CSV separated block and transform it to a Query object
Csvwrite Transforms the query object into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) block
Datasourcecreate Adds a new datasource to the system for use with any database functions. This does not persist over server restarts
Datasourcedelete Removes the given datasource. Note, it will not remove any datasource that was registered with the underlying bluedragon.xml file
Datasourceinfo Returns back a structure with all the details of the datasource. Please note the password is not returned. Keys=[hoststring, drivername, databasename, username, password, logintimeout, connectiontimeout, maxconnections, maxlivetime, maxusage, connectionretries, initstring]
Datasourceisvalid Checks to see if a given datasource has been previously registered using DataSourceCreate()
Dbinfo Retrieves information about the underlying database/tables
QueryAddcolumn Adds a new column of data to the exist query object, returning the column number
QueryAddrow Adds the specified the number of rows to the end of the query, or transposes a structure into a query, creating additional columns if needed to support the keys in the structure. Only simple fields of the structure will be mapped (no inner structures for example)
QueryColumnarray Returns all the data in a query for a given column
QueryColumnlist Returns all the data in a query for a given column as a list
QueryDeletecolumn Deletes the column from the query, returning the deleted column data as an array
QueryDeleterow Deletes the row within a query object. Modifies the original query object
QueryEach Applies the function to each of the elements in the query
QueryIsempty Determines if the query has any rows
QueryNew Creates a new query object with the columns past in of the optional types
QueryOfqueryrun Executes a Query-of-Query against a previous SQL result sets. Function version of CFQUERY
QueryRenamecolumn Renames a column within a query object. If the rename was successful it will return TRUE, otherwise FALSE
QueryRequestmetrics Returns a structure {total,time} which indicates the total number of queries and the total time taken by them up to this point in this given request. Used for statisical tracking.
QueryRowstruct Returns all the data in a query for a given row but as a structure
QueryRun Executes the given SQL query against the given datasource, optionally passing in paramters. Function version of CFQUERY
QuerySetcell Sets the given column within a query with the value at the given row, or the last row if not specified
QuerySort Sorts the query based on the column specified and the order criteria given. Modifies the original query object
QueryToarray Converts this query to an array of structures. Each structure is the column keys
Quotedvaluelist Returns a quoted list of all the values, for a given column within the query, delimited by the value given
ToHtml Transforms the query object into an HTML TABLE block
Valuelist Returns a list of all the values, for a given column within the query, delimited by the value given