Determines if the object passed in is an XML node


BOOLEAN = XmlParse( p1, p2, p3 )
Argument Summary
p1 xmlstring - Can be a string, URL to a remote XML, or path to a file
p2 case sensitive - defaults to false [optional]
p3 validation xml - which document to validate against, same format as xmlstring [optional]


Handling foreign chars in variable

When you are dealing with data coming from cfexecute and you need to parse it with xmlparse() it could be that your data is not in the format you expect it, e.g "utf-8".

The cfexecute tag reads the output from the exiftool using the InputStreamReader but it doesn't specify a charset so defaults to the platform default. Hence we have to get the original bytes and treat it as utf-8. The below code will give you a a xml variable in utf-8 format:

<cfset myxml = xmlparse( ToString( yourdata.getBytes(), 'utf-8' ) )>