PlugIn Overview

Plugin functionality is a factor of any modern day software package. From the humble desktop apps, right through to powerful scalable enterprise sysems, they all offer the ability to extend their core functionality by adding small pieces of functionality. OpenBD offers this powerful paradiagm to the CFML developer.

Plugins allow us to develop custom features that would not necessarily have a broad appeal to every one. These targetted small chunks of functionality allow you to custom build your web application setup without all the bloat that is usually associated with mature software.


Installation of a plugin could not be easier. Simply drop the plugin JAR file into the /WEB-INF/lib/ folder and restart the web server. No complicated configuration files to wrestle with. If you need to remove a plugin simply delete the file and restart.

You can validate the loading of any plugin by looking at the bluedragon.log and you will see a line to note it was loaded.

If you have a custom setup for your J2EE application server, then it is generally recommended to place the plugin JAR in the same directory as the main OpenBlueDragon.jar file.

Official PlugIns

The following plugins are available from the main OpenBD website.

Plugin Name Description
CronTab - Scheduler Provides a Linux 'cron' like directory structure of pre-defined intervals, where templates can simply be dropped into for execution at a specific interval. please note this plugin is part of the core distribution
SMTP Processing Incoming Email Build sophiscated email applications that receive email. Catch incoming emails through CFC's that can then be processed just like a web request. please note this plugin is part of the core distribution
Debugger A web based CFML Debugger that lets you step into CFC's and functions, set breakpoints, inspect variables and pause execution
JMS Messaging Integrate your CFML application into the full Java Messaging Service system, including sending and receiving messages from topics and queues. Alternatively, use it as a complete event based system internal to your CFML app
SalesForce Quickly and easily utilise SalesForce connectivity without the overhead and complexity of webservices
Microsoft Exchange Interact with Microsoft Exchange server, including tasks, events, contacts etc