cfDebugger Plugin

The OpenBD Debugger is an official plugin for use with the OpenBlueDragon engine that delivers a full CFML debugging environment through any web browser.

No additional sofware is required, simply drop the JAR file, restart the server and start putting breakpoints, step through code and inspect variables.

  • Multiple session tracking
  • Set break points in any CFML page, custom tag or CFC by simply clicking on any line
  • Conditionally Break on Exceptions
  • Step through CFML tags and statements within CFSCRIPT blocks
  • Step over files
  • Run to end
  • Run to break points
  • Fully Variable Inspection
    • Easy to use tree navigation of all variables
    • Search your variables; complete with search history
    • Runtime statistics - tag/statement usage, variable type usage
    • Current Tag and File stack
    • Fully query history, including execution times, input vars, and row count
  • No complicated setup; simply drop the JAR file in, restart and then surf to

YouTube demo of the Debugger in action:

download the plugin