Defines a CFML application. Usually defined in the Application.cfm file in a given directory or parent directory




Attribute default required summary
NAME The name of the CFML application
SESSIONMANAGEMENT Defines whether or not session management is enabled. The session scope will be available if enabled
SETCLIENTCOOKIES Set the client cookies (CFID/CFTOKEN) for session management
SETDOMAINCOOKIES Should the cookies be limited to the top-level domain or the specific host
CLIENTMANAGEMENT Enables the client management. If enabled the client scope is available
LOGINSTORAGE Controls what the type of client storage is
DATASOURCE The dafault datasource for CFQUERY/CFSTOREDPROC/QueryRun() methods
SCRIPTPROTECT Whether or not the engine will try and protect FORM submissions from script injection
APPLICATIONTIMEOUT The timeout of this application when it will be unloaded from memory. Defaults to 1 hour
SESSIONTIMEOUT The timeout of this session when it will be unloaded from memory. Defaults to 20 minutes
SECUREJSON Controls if the JSON RPC methods are made secure
SECUREJSONPREFIX The prefix if JSON RPC methods are made secure that is used


For more details on CFML application see Application.