Used to manage collections that are used for searching. This is the tag version of all the CollectionXXX() functions.




Attribute default required summary
ATTRIBUTECOLLECTION A structure containing the tag attributes
ACTION Type of action to take: create|delete|list|categorylist
COLLECTION name of the collection. Used for ACTION=create|delete|categorylist
STOREBODY false a flag to determine if the body is stored as a whole in the index. For large collections this can take up a lot of space. Used for ACTION=create
LANGUAGE english language this collection is using. defaults to 'english'. Valid: english, german, russian, brazilian, korean, chinese, japanese, czech, greek, french, dutch, danish, finnish, italian, norwegian, portuguese, spanish, swedish. Used for ACTION=create
PATH path to where the collection will be created. If omitted then it will be created in the working directory under the 'cfcollection' directory. Used for ACTION=create
RELATIVE false a flag to determine if the 'path' attribute, if presented, is relative to the web path. Used for ACTION=create
NAME The name of the variable to store the resulting data. Used for ACTION=list|categorylist


For more information on searching please visit Searching within OpenBD CFML