Used to define a CFC. Inside this tag, contains the CFFUNCTION tags. Should only ever be one in a single file.


<cfcomponent> ... </cfcomponent>


Attribute default required summary
NAME Provide a name for the argument, so it can be later referenced within the function.
DISPLAYNAME The name that is used to describe this CFC when displayed in meta data
HINT A small description for this component
EXTENDS The CFC that this instance will extend
IMPLEMENTS The CFC of the CFINTERFACE that this CFC must implement
TYPE component The type of this CFC; component, interface or abstract
OUTPUT YES Controls whether or not this CFC can generate output
WSDLFILE The file path of a well formatted WSDL file to use instead of the generated one
STYLE rpc When the CFC is used as web services determines the encoded style; rpc, document, document-wrapped