Performs a series of actions on directories




Attribute default required summary
ATTRIBUTECOLLECTION A structure containing the tag attributes
ACTION list The operation to be performed
ACTION=LIST List the given directory
ACTION=DELETE Delete the given directory
ACTION=CREATE Create the given directory
ACTION=RENAME Rename the given directory
RECURSE false For ACTION=LIST,DELETE flag to control if it recurses down the subdirectories
DIRECTORY The real path of the directory
NAME The name of the variable to receive the directory listing query
NEWDIRECTORY For ACTION=RENAME is the name of the new directory
MODE The mode of the new directory ACTION=CREATE
TYPE all The type of listing to perform; valid values: file, dir or all
LISTINFO all How much detail do you want returned on the listing; valid values: all or name. Much faster for just name
FILTER The regex to filter on
SORT If listing a directory, a comma separated list the query columns to sort on and in which direction e.g. 'name asc, size desc'