Performs searches against the registered collection using the Apache Lucene internal engine




Attribute default required summary
COLLECTION the name of one or more collections to perform the search. Multiple collections are delimited by a comma
CRITERIA the search to perform
TYPE the type of search; 'simple' or 'explicit'. The simple search will OR all the tokens in the crteria where as the explicit will use the criteria as a Lucene search string. Defaults to 'simple'
MINSCORE minimum score of the document to be included in the result query. A value between 0.0 and 10.0 is required. Defaults to 0 (all results that match)
MAXROWS maximum number of rows to return back in this result. Defaults to all
STARTROW the start of the row in the search results to start from. Useful for paging through results. Defaults to 1
CATEGORY the list of categories to which the search is matched against
CATEGORYTREE the hierachy to which to search against. Usually in the form of 'a/b/c/', which would search all results that where in the 'a/b/c/' start prefix
CONTEXTPASSAGES the number of contextual passages that will be returned. Defaults to 0 which disables the feature
CONTEXTBYTES the maximum size of the contextual passage
CONTEXTHIGHLIGHTSTART the start marker for the contextual piece
CONTEXTHIGHLIGHTEND the end marker for the contextual piece
CONTENTS flag to determine if the CONTENT column is return; If you are storing the full body, this lets you return that full body or not in the query. defaults to true
UNIQUECOLUMN name of the column that will be checked to see if it is unique before adding to the result query
ATTRIBUTECOLLECTION A structure containing the tag attributes
NAME the name of the parameter to return the query results as


For more information on searching please visit Searching within OpenBD CFML