Allows threads to be created and controlled.


<cfthread> ... </cfthread>


Attribute default required summary
NAME Provide a name for this thread or the names of threads to perform an action on. This is a required attribute when ACTION = "JOIN" or "TERMINATE".
ATTRIBUTECOLLECTION A structure of variables to be passed in for access during the execution of this thread.
OUTPUT TRUE If true, data will be stored about the processing of this thread such as how long it took and its status for future reference.
ACTION RUN The action to perform on the thread(s). Valid options include: "RUN", "JOIN", "SLEEP" and "TERMINATE".
PRIORITY NORMAL Set this thread execution priority. Valid options include: "HIGH", "NORMAL" and "LOW".
TIMEOUT 0 The time in milliseconds that this thread will wait for other joined threads to finish before proceeding. A value of 0 indicates waiting for all joined threads to finish.
DURATION How long should this thread sleep for. This attribute is only required if ACTION = "SLEEP".