This tag is used to write to the logging system of OpenBD. If no "LOG" or "FILE" attribute is specified, then the log is written to the standard OpenBD application log file.




Attribute default required summary
ATTRIBUTECOLLECTION A structure containing the tag attributes
TEXT NO Specifies the text that should be logged.
APPLICATION YES If set to YES, the web application name will be stored with the output of this log entry.
TYPE Information Specifies a category for your log (e.g. Information, Warning, Error etc).
THREAD YES Setting this attribute to YES will gather the thread reference this log was called within and output it with the log. This is useful to find out which thread has generated a log if being used in a threaded environment.
LOG Specifies a standard openbd log file to write this log to. Possible options include "scheduler", "trace" or "application". This attribute cannot be applied with the "FILE" attribute.
FILE Specifies a file name that this log will be written to. This attribute cannot be applied with the "LOG" attribute.