remote Tags

Tag Name Description
CFFEED CFFEED is a tag that allows you to create and read RSS feeds.
CFHTTP CFHTTP allows you to interact with remote HTTP sites, from simply downloading a file, to submitting form data. Using the CFHTTPPARAM you can control all aspects of the HTTP experience
CFHTTPPARAM Specifies a parameter to use with CFHTTP
CFIMAGE CFIMAGE is a tag that allows you to modify an existing GIF, PNG or JPEG image file to produce a new image file that is resized and/or has a text label added to he image. Variables returned by this tag provide information about the new image file
CFINVOKEARGUMENT For use within the CFINVOKE tag. This tag allows you to associate a parameter with the remote web services call.
CFMAIL Easily send MIME and PLAIN type emails
CFMAILPARAM Attach files or set attributes to outgoing email. Must be inside a CFMAIL
CFMAILPART Create MIME parts. Must be inside a CFMAIL