Web Services

CFML is more than just a web scripting language. It is a full web services engine that makes building and consuming web services extremely easy and at the hands of everyone. Webservices are a means to which to allow other applications and servers to reach into your application and utilise your data or services as part of their application.

Many of the web services protocols can be intimadating and confusing. Complicated protocols such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), are difficult to setup and advertise on servers using other languages. Not so with CFML.

People are often amazed at how little effort is required to consume a webservice, or even turn a CFC into a full blown first class SOAP citizen or RESTlet call. This section will explain how easy it is to produce a full blown web services end point, satisfying any protocol you desire.

Finally, one of the most complicated popular SOAP services available is that from SalesForce. We will show how OpenBD can easily utilise this very rich API from SalesForce, to build and extend full enterprise apps.